EV Charging 101

Skip the gas station.
          Go all-electric.

EV Charging Stations in Mobile, AL

Switching to an electric vehicle can be a significant shift from driving a gas-powered one. We have a wide range of electrified models, including the first-ever, all-electric Lexus RZ and a capable team here at Lexus of Mobile to support you throughout your EV purchase. Why switch to an EV? One of the most popular reasons is you can save a lot on fuel by skipping the gas station. Wondering how and where you charge an EV? Continue reading to learn more about the logistics of all things EV-related in Mobile, AL.

What is an EV Charging Station?

Once you acquire an EV, you’ll want easy access to a reliable location where you can recharge on the go. That’s where EV charging stations come into play. The process of locating a station and recharging is pretty simple as these stations have become increasingly available around Alabama. At most public EV charging stations (unless it’s free of charge), all you need is a credit or debit card for payment before you can connect your EV cable. Also, with the help of apps that enable you to track your charging process, view a map of nearby charging stations and even arrange charging times, you’ll find it easier than ever to keep your EV powered up. We encourage you to download an EV charging app on your smartphone for an optimized charging experience.

Charging Options

Ready to upgrade to an EV? Before you bite the bullet, make sure you understand the charging options available: Level 1, Level 2 and DC Fast Charging. This knowledge will help you better prepare for the transition.

Level 1 Charger

Level 1 chargers can take up to 40-50 hours or more to charge an all-electric vehicle from zero to 80 percent.* These types of chargers are common residential 120-volt AC outlets.

Level 2 Charger

Level 2 EV chargers, capable of charging an all-electric vehicle from zero to 80 percent in approximately 4-10 hours, are one of the most widely preferred charging options.

DC Fast Chargers

DC Fast Chargers, commonly referred to as Level 3 chargers, are usually only found at public charging stations. Their production of an exceptionally high power output can charge electric vehicles up to 80 percent within 20 minutes to a single hour.* EV owners looking for an efficient and effortless charging solution can utilize these chargers to top off their battery fast.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Mobile, AL

Several public charging stations can be found in Mobile, AL. If you’re on the lookout for charging stations near you, use this link to locate them. Pop in your location and you’ll be able to access the stations close to your area.

Electrified Lexus models offer a myriad of benefits and you’ll be sure to find one that fits your lifestyle needs. From their environmentally friendly range, cutting-edge features and performance, an electrified model makes a great replacement for a traditional gasoline-powered car. Check out our Lexus EVs today if you’re ready to make the switch!

If you have any questions on EV charging stations or want to purchase a new Lexus RZ or another electrified model on our lot, contact us today or stop by our dealership at 3024 Government Blvd, Mobile, AL 36606. We look forward to serving our customers near the Gulf Coast, Daphne and Spanish Fort.

*Find more information on charging EVs at the U.S. Department of Transportation’s websitehere.