How Often Should You Have Your Oil Changed? | Mobile AL

How often you should have your oil changed in Mobile, AL

How often you should have your oil changed in Mobile, AL

At Lexus Mobile, we want you to keep enjoying your vehicle, and to do that there is routine maintenance that needs to be done. When your vehicle is not running smoothly, it can cause unnecessary problems in your life, causing you to miss appointments or events. Thankfully, with routine maintenance, this does not have to happen. A basic type of maintenance your Lexus needs is an oil change. Any car owner knows that you must change your oil regularly, but how regularly? Check out these steps to help you follow your vehicle’s schedule.

3,000 Miles: Fact or Fiction?

The rule of thumb for mechanics and car owners everywhere was to get your oil changed every 3,000 miles. However, that number has changed, and for good reason. For older cars, owners may still need to schedule an oil change every 3,000 miles, but for models that were manufactured in 2008 or after, that is not the case. The reason for this is that the engine and oil technology on newer cars has improved over time. Now, the new recommended mileage is around 7,500, although older models should follow a lower mileage, such as around 5,000 miles. This means getting your oil changed about every six months, which is also a good time frame for when to get your car inspected for any other services needed.

How Do You Drive?

Although there may be a recommended mileage, experts say the type of driving you do and the climate where you live can affect how often you should get your oil changed. Someone who lives in the city may need to change their oil more often because frequent starting and stopping and short-distance drives work the engine hard without giving the oil a chance to warm up enough to work at full capacity. For the same reason, you may need to change your oil more often in colder climates as well.


Check Your Owner’s Manual

Although you can get recommendations, it is best to check your owner’s manual. Your owner’s manual was made by the manufacturer of your vehicle, and no one knows your model better than those who designed and built it. When in doubt, check your owner’s manual to know when your car’s oil needs to be changed, along with other routine services.

These are primarily general guidelines for following your vehicle’s service schedule. You can also consult a mechanic specializing in your car’s manufacturer. No two cars are alike, so ask an expert if you have any doubts.

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