Perks of Buying Pre-Owned Cars

Buckle up stress free in an enticing pre owned ride

Perks of Buying Pre-Owned Cars in Mobile, AL

While we stock a large selection of new Lexus models, we also have a diverse inventory of pre-owned vehicles at Lexus of Mobile. While new models can be alluring, a pre-owned model may catch your eye. While we are avid fans of the Lexus brand, we enjoy offering our customers the chance to experience our budget-friendly pre-owned vehicles. Don’t think of this as a downgrade, as these pre-loved rides come with our coveted stamp of approval. There are a plethora of benefits to buying pre-owned cars, and we can’t wait to share them with you. Continue reading to learn more.

Why Should I Buy Used?

Greater Affordability

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to purchase a car, pre-owned is the way to go. When you shop our pre-owned inventory, you’ll never sacrifice quality for affordability. You also have a better chance of being able to pay for the pre-owned vehicle in cash compared to a newer model. Paying in cash eliminates the headache of monthly payments. However, you can also choose to finance your ride with a small loan, so that you minimize the monthly payments down to a reasonable amount instead of paying for the vehicle all at once. Purchasing a pre-owned vehicle can give you some leeway within your budget to splurge on all the features you’re looking for in your next ride.

Slower Depreciation

Sadly, it’s not a myth that vehicles start to lose their value as soon as their wheels leave the lot, but it takes a significant amount of time for the model to drop an appreciable amount. All vehicles naturally lose their value, but after a few years they eventually level out. If you browse our pre-owned inventory of cars that are more than a year or two old, you’ll get behind the wheel of a vehicle that already went through its steep decline in value. Buckle up with ease knowing that you’ll experience a slower rate of depreciation of your new-to-you ride.

More Options

While there will always be a variety of new models on the market, pre-owned vehicles have an even more diverse selection. If you’re searching for technological features, like an infotainment system, rear view camera or driving assist capabilities, you can still find all that and more in a pre-loved ride. When you purchase a new car, you only have a handful of options to choose from within the new model year — buy pre-owned and you’ll have several options available that come with fantastic prices.

There are plenty of perks when it comes to buying a pre-owned car, and we have a large selection of cars, trucks and SUVs for you to choose from here at Lexus of Mobile. So contact us or stop by 3024 Government Blvd, Mobile, AL 36606 for a test drive today. We look forward to serving our customers from the Gulf Coast, Daphne and Spanish Fort.